Thank you to everyone who has been following my little Summer project all the way to week seven, it really means a lot to have you here. This week I have three absolute gems for you to sink your teeth into. Breakfast is a simple Vegan Porridge overflowing with Indian inspired flavours and spices, Lunch is a succulent and satisfying pulled Lamb (or Jackfruit) flatbread and a classic French dessert of Tarte au Citron. Have your spice jars stocked up and ready for these recipes as this week is all about Flavour, it might be handy to familiarise yourself with your local world food shop as we will be using ingredients from all over. Above all else make sure you have fun cooking and enjoy experimenting with these recipes, use them as a guide for you to add your flare and passion to!


Golden Milk Porridge with sticky Dates

hot bowl of golden milk porridge


Pulled Lamb Flatbread

Dish of pulled lamb flatbread


Tarte au Citron

two tarte au citron with strawberries and creme fraiche