This week marks the half way point of Summer, Sweets & Supper and I am so happy to share another trio of delicious and vibrant recipes for you all to enjoy. Now that we are bang in the middle of Summer I felt it fitting to share some of my freshest and seasonal dishes, filled with juicy fruits and crisp vegetables, this is what summer dining is all about! Breakfast is a super tasty french toast dish, I love to make my own brioche loaf for this which I will be including in the recipe, however if bread baking is a step too far for you then there is nothing wrong with buying a fresh loaf from your favourite shop or bakery. Everything else for this week’s dishes is pretty standard and hopefully you will be able to find all of the ingredients fairly easily now that they are all in season. I hope you enjoy another week of cooking and celebrating Summer.


Grilled Peach & Almond French Toast

Plated breakfast of french toast


Fennel Caprese Salad

Dish of Fennel caprese


Chilled Cardamom Rice with Rose and Apricots

glass bowl filled with chilled cardamom rice